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Acne Facial

Acne Facial in Reno, NV


Renovation Medical Spa offers targeted Acne Treatment Facial treatments to help soothe and repair acne prone skin. Whether you are in your teens, or struggling with adult acne, our expert Providers can help you achieve glowing, healthy skin.


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In our Acne Treatment Facial, you will receive deep cleansing where, your skin will be double cleansed to make sure all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup are removed. After you will likely receive a soothing steam treatment to soften the pores, along with any plugs of sebaceous matter that may be in them, so that it can more easily be cleaned out.

Next you will have exfoliation and extractions. Exfoliation is an important step in any facial, but especially for Acne Treatment Facials. Exfoliating procedures help remove dead skin cells and debris that can clog your pores. The type of exfoliation procedure your Aesthetician uses will depend on your skin and the type of acne medications you are currently using. If you’re using topical retinoids or isotretinoin, your Aesthetician will do an extremely gentle exfoliation or none at all so as not to irritate your skin.

Your Aesthetician will manually clean out blackheads and comedones from your pores. The benefit of extractions is that you will see improvement immediately. If you have a lot of blackheads, though, know they cannot all be extracted in one session.

To finish your customized treatment, you may have a mask applied. The type of mask you receive will be determined by your Aesthetician who will analyze you skin type and customize your treatment plan. Lastly your Aesthetician will ensure your skin is glowing with a moisturizer and sunscreen. A light, noncomedogenic moisturizer will be applied over your entire face, neck, and chest area that is designed to be beneficial to acne prone skin. Sunscreen is a must too, for all skin types. The exfoliating treatment you had during the facial can make your skin more sensitive to the sun temporarily, so it will be important to protect your skin before you go outside.

After your treatment, your Aesthetician will likely go over a customized skin care routine you can follow at home and can make recommendations for products that will help keep breakouts under control. Your Aesthetician may also recommend additional treatments such as lasers to address any pigmentation or breakouts.

If there is a recommendation for you to get evaluated for prescription grade products or treatments, we will be happy to get you scheduled with one of our Medical Providers.