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Dermaplane Facials

Dermaplane Facials in Reno, NV

Professional skin treatments are a must in Reno. Treatments can be chosen to clear up acne, congested skin, scarring, and even help the face recover from sun damage. To remove the dead top layer of skin as well as fine facial hairs, dermaplaning is a safe, effective skin rejuvenation treatment at Renovation Medical Spa.

About Dermaplane Facials

While microdermabrasion uses microcrystals, dermaplaning is performed with a surgical instrument (dermatome) that is used to carefully remove the top, dead layer of skin. As a bonus, the fine “peach fuzz” facial hairs are removed as well for smoother, brighter skin. As part of the Charles P. Virden, MD plastic surgery office, Renovation helps patients in the area around Reno, Nevada maintain the results of their surgery and/or push back the need for surgical interventions.

Renovation Medical Spa offers two Dermaplane options:

  • Dermaplaning: Removes the fines white facial hair and dead skin debris by carefully scraping the surface of the skin.
    • 30 Minutes
  • RX Dermapeel: For optimal results, this peel begins with Dermaplaning followed by a skin resurfacing peel to accelerate treatment results.
    • 30 Minutes

Best Candidates for a dermaplane facial

The best candidates for dermaplaning:

  • Have fine lines and wrinkles, moderate acne scars, or uneven texture and tone
  • Are not prone to skin rashes and skin irritations
  • Have not had a recent chemical peel
  • Do not have frequent fever blister or cold sore flare-ups
  • Desire youthful, better-looking skin

How Should You Prepare For Your dermaplaning Service?

With dermaplaning, no numbing is needed since it’s a gentle, non-invasive procedure. There’s no pain associated with dermaplaning and the sensation is comparable to having the leg shaved. The face will be thoroughly cleansed and dried. A scalpel or other shaving tool (dermatome) is used to gently remove the dead skin cells, debris, and fine hair from the top layer of skin with short, feathering strokes. The entire face from the forehead to the chin will be treated in about 30 minutes. Dermaplaning can be performed about once a month for optimal results. 

Other Considerations for your Dermaplane Facial

With dermaplaning, there’s no downtime, but there are instantaneous results. Right after a treatment, patients will notice more radiant skin with a more even tone and texture. The skin will look more youthful and rejuvenated. Also, the skin will look and feel smoother since fine hair was removed. It’s recommended to get a series of treatments for the best results. 

Radiant, Glowing Skin

That radiant, glowing skin that you have always wanted can be yours with a quick, simple, and gentle dermaplaning treatment at Renovation Medical Spa. You’ll reap immediate benefits with no downtime while avoiding more invasive procedures. To learn more, contact our Reno office for an appointment.

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